Australia Trying Hands on India Games

Editorials News | Oct-15-2016

Australia Trying Hands on India Games

The 2016 Kabaddi World Cup is currently being contested in Ahmedabad, India. This time newcomers from Australia are trying their luck over the winning trophy. As per the reports, the Kabaddi tournament is getting many appreciations from the Southern Nations. Traditional Indian game kabaddi is going quite exiting and different as several countries are taking part in the 2016 tournament. Australian Captain Campbell Brown stated that they have chosen players from various sports such as Australian Rules football and rugby.

Therefore the Australian kabaddi team is a complete mixture of players, said the captain. Despite being newcomers to the traditional Indian Kabaddi, the Australians are in third position in Group A with five points from three matches. After facing defeat from England as well as India, the Australian team is improving their performance with every match. During the interview Brown has also stated that Australia is country that loves and welcomes every sport whole heartedly.


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