Automated Speech Recognition Influencing Classroom Studies

Editorials News | Jan-13-2019

Automated Speech Recognition Influencing Classroom Studies

Tech entrepreneur a CEO of Echo360, Fred Singer, who is a founder of a company which was developed after he visited to the classroom of his son. Fred Singer has a history of funding and leading a variety of digital tech companies in some past twenty years and carries a huge list of business and some charitable institutions on which he is serving since a long period of time.

But currently he is looking forward for a venture is something related to a kind of personal mission. The real issue behind the venture is that the learning and teaching process across the country in classes is not involving students through technology which comprises of integral part of their lives. For the instance he explained that his son has some kind of learning issues like other children these days, and when he thought to make a visit to his classroom and walked into, he started to see it through his technical eyes. He further said that the classroom is a one which is considered as a place where the actual learning takes place, but surprisingly it didn’t contain any kind of impactful technologies of the current generation. As a man who carries a vast variety of technology, has experienced it as a very frustrating instance to look as to how far behind this school was in reference to the latest technology and learning growth, not basically in terms of the usage of one off technology and some old tools used in school, like white boards and clickers, but its failure to relate it to the dots between its better outcomes and using things like in the latest technologies of current gadgets and applications. The basic inspiration to find Echo360 is his visit to the school which lacked the technology. He said that he was confined to the question that, ‘how it possible that kids which are born to this generation which comprises of smart phones and laptops which are the part of our everyday business and activities having to be seated in a classroom in which someone is there to just talks to them? So the children’s gets bored and they gets engaged to their phones over time and the schools gets frustrated which results in putting ban on the phones. Most of the children’s now a days don’t learn the cursive.

By: Anuja Arora