Avoid Sugar Drinks for Better Health

Editorials News | Oct-10-2016

Avoid Sugar Drinks for Better Health

A research has showed that beverages with extra sugar can increase the risk of cancer. A Professor from Louisiana State University Health Sciences in New Orleans has suggested avoiding sugary beverages.


Beverages such as sweetened soda, sugar-containing fruit juices and sports drinks becomes the reason behind pancreatic and endometrial cancer. As per the increasing evidences, apart from risk of cancer these beverages can also develop the risk of obesity, diabetes and Orleans.


The experts have suggested that these growing health risks are the results of insufficient information. As the scientists have analyzed that the people are not aware with the fact that how much quantity should be taken to reduce several risks.


Additionally, doctors have mentioned that an individual should not take more than 450kg calories in a week’s time. People’s unawareness about the products and about their sugar consumption can create more chances of growing diseases, said the experts.