Axolotl’s Mystery Solved by Scientists

Editorials News | Oct-06-2016

Axolotl’s Mystery Solved by Scientists


A new study has revealed the mystery of endangered Mexican salamander known as axolotl. The scientists from the Morgridge Institute for Research regenerative biology team have found some amazing skills in axolotl.


According to the analysts, axolotl can regenerate limbs, tail, heart, spine and eyes.

Moreover this amphibian has been claimed by the king of amphibian world scientists because of its replacement skills.


With the talent of body parts regeneration axolotl, a rare-species has become the attraction model for biologists. The scientists have focused on the blastema inside the axolotl’s body. Blastema is known as a cell cluster that is responsible for repairing damage limp or tissues in the body.


According to the analysts blastema is the main method for regeneration in this endangered Mexican salamander. Furthermore blastema interrelate a rhythm of orders to re- develop cartilage, muscles bone, blood vessels, and, skin at right places, as per the scientists.


The researchers are studying the whole regeneration system in the amphibian so that it can possibly be benefited to humans.

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