Baking: An art canvas

Editorials News | May-22-2018

Baking: An art canvas

What happens in our brain when a person goes through a creative process is still undergoing lots of research. The latest research findings say that creativity does not involve single side of our brain or single region as perceived before. All this time we learnt that the left side of our brain is one that helps us think realistic, analytical, logical and practical while it is the right side of the brain that makes us creative, tasteful, colorful, passionate vivid and poetic. However, that’s not the complete truth. It has been observed that a creative process, from the thought to preparation, the incubation to illumination to verification involves many interactive cognitive processes of both a conscious and unconscious mind and emotions. Both sides of the brains have to synchronize both the creative and analytical and all other departments to reach and implement a creative result.

This whole thing can be understood today if we look at what heights baking as a creative art has reached. Today baking has become like an artist’s canvas.  Cup cakes and muffins turned into a flower bouquet. Making life size cakes with stunning fondant work and sugar designs are just mind blowing.

 Our analytical and creative mind working in synch is visible in these cake creations. A 3 or 4 tiered cake that rotates or a cake in the shape of a luxury car that actually moves throws light on the synchronized processing of different parts of our brain, the creative as well as the logical practical and analytical. The creative mind designs while the logical mind helps implement.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena