Battle of Midway: A Battle of Confidence

Editorials News | Sep-11-2017

Battle of Midway: A Battle of Confidence

Battle is a fight between large armed forces for achieving certain specific purposes The Battle of Midway was also a decisive battle fought by the naval forces during the Pacific War, known as the theatre of World War II. United States brutally crushed the Imperial Japanese Navy off Midway Island and sunk its four aircraft carriers. It was a revenge of sudden Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. The battle of Midway was fought between 4th and 7th June, 1942.

This battle caused irreparable damage to Japan’s carrier strength. The intelligence officers of America won the battle by decoding Japanese naval code and getting the ideas applied during Japanese plan of attack. At the time of the battle Japanese army was much more equipped with four carriers whereas, America used three carries only. Japanese admiral was hesitating in launching his best planes and because he was trying to avoid the loss; however, American Admirals took the risk and sent most of their planes to face Japanese fleet. Japanese aviators and seamen were able to fight Americans.

They destroyed 37 slow- flying and outdated Devastator torpedo bombers of America. But in absence of the sacrificial crafts the Japanese powerful dive bombers could not perform. As a result Americans had an incredible victory in the battle. They won due to their planning, flexibility and ability to take risk. We may take lesson that these things are essential where there is the question of do or die.


By: Anita Aishvarya