Be Alert While Charging Your Smart Phone

Editorials News | May-14-2017

Be Alert While Charging Your Smart Phone

Recently scientists have warned people that they should be more attentive which charging their smartphone. It is being noticed that most people prefer to plug their phones into public charging stations. However, the scientists have stated that this practice increases the risk of data hacking.

According to the researchers when people charge their smartphone via public charging stations that puts their phones at a risk of "juice-jacking,”. Additionally, the hackers can steal data through a USB data cable, warn the researchers.

The research has conducted by the students and professors at New York Institute of Technology. For the research, the scientists used power use signatures. Moreover, they also evaluate their previous test and attack under various conditions.

The scientists came to a result after collecting power traces via a range of smartphones browsing popular websites. Not only that, the researchers also launched attacks and checked the accuracy through which their algorithms could determine which websites were visited while the phones were plugged in.