Bears Wake-Up to a Newly Transformed World

Editorials News | May-06-2017

Bears Wake-Up to a Newly Transformed World

Bears in Sierra wake up across the land only to find a world that does not match with the one they left behind in December. At a place named Tahoe, temperatures have hit as low as -60 degree. This has made the bears move out of their dens. In some areas, the snowpack is so high that these bears have to climb up trees to take a nap. They have also been seen in the flats around the lakes in search of food.

This has been verified through a new website,, which tracks the movement of bears with a GPS system attached to their bodies.

There has been a drastic change in the region since the last 10 years. Earlier, there was no snow and very less vegetation during this time of the year. Long after the rebirth and transformation of the land, the dead pine trees still remain a reminder of the drought.