Being Digital To No Education

Editorials News | Sep-22-2018

Being Digital To No Education

We are heading towards Digital India and universal education through various schemes. In India, there are 13,000 villages which don’t have schools. As per the report released by the Ministry of Rural Development revealed around 13,511 villages across all states do not have a school.

There are various reasons behind this state; firstly, the lackadaisical attitude of the state governments is resulting in the villages not having schools. Secondly, there are some villages which do not have the desired population for setting up schools. In terms of numbers, Mizoram is the only state where every village has a school and Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of villages without schools, but experts differ on the report’s findings. However, if the report is accurate, it is a very alarming prospect.

To solve this problem “One needs to understand the rural mindset first,” says Professor H S Solanki of the National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad. People in villages pay attention to agriculture or money-making jobs than educating their children. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the local self-government to convince these people to set up schools.

So, the Government should pay more attention to encourage and make parents aware of the benefits of education, especially in rural areas to change people’s mindset first.”


By: Lubhawani Sharma

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