Benefits Of Outdoor Games

Editorials News | Apr-05-2020

Benefits Of Outdoor Games

As we live in the 21st century people who play outdoor games are decreasing by soaring speed. As things are getting digital and they are getting addicted to social media and digital influences. The health benefits which we get by playing outdoor games cannot be given by anything else. Such health benefits play a vital role in the development of children. Playing outdoor makes them mentally and physically strong.

While many there are many benefits lets talk about some of them. Outdoor games are one of the most important aspects of our life. Games like kabbadi improve our teamwork skills and make our mind sharp and still. Lawn tennis improves our skill of joint flexibility. Badminton improves our concentration and skill making power

Games like cricket are not just games they are the emotion of millions of throughout the globe it improves our health in all important aspects such as leadership qualities are improved. Cricket plays an important role because ever since they are kid they play this game and it improves their ability to do physical activity. There any many schools which are encouraging teens to play such outdoor games. Schools are organizing outdoor activities from 8 am to 9 am. It is compulsory for students to attend these activities. The government is also organizing outdoor door activities for school students of all schools. These activities are free of cost. They can attend these activities anytime in the evening at their nearest camp. So we can conclude by saying that there are numerous benefits of playing outdoor games and parents must encourage their kids to play outdoor games instead of playing mobile games.

By: Rahul Bhatia

School: Guru Harkrishan Public School

Class: 8th

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