Bengaluru Based Academy Creating New Hockey Stars

Editorials News | Apr-21-2017

Bengaluru Based Academy Creating New Hockey Stars

An orphanage at Bengaluru is trying to channelize the talent of small children with the help of a sports academy. As per the official, the academy has been in existence since 2009 and run by former Indian international hockey player Jude Felix.The children are being given some extraordinary sports privileges along with various life skill training.The officials added, the academy tries to cover all vital aspect through teaching the students about life skills, general care of themselves, studies, etc.

As per the academy, the sports training will work as a challenge for them and also help them to know their capacity to teach students living with several problems.This training session will also showcase the hidden sporty- spirit of children living in the St Mary's orphanage located at Cooke Town in eastern Bengaluru.Hockey player Jude Felix added few words on the success achieved by the academy so far, said he is happy with the work being done by the academy.