Best 5 Teacher Tested Hacks for Elementary Classrooms

Editorials News | Jan-25-2019

Best 5 Teacher Tested Hacks for Elementary Classrooms

In today’s modern world when everything is undergoing change, it is important for the education sector also to undergo change. Traditional teaching holds importance but its time to move on to the modern day techniques. Teachers all around the world are trying modern ways and practical ways of teaching the students. Indeed it helps them in learning things in a better and more effective way. Instagram is a social media website which is extremely popular these days. Among the various posts on Instagram, teachers share ideas and hacks that can be used effectively in an elementary classroom. Some of these hacks are as follows:

(i) Turn Cleaning Up Into a Game – Teachers should tell the students that they would be playing a game. During this game each of the student will be given a wet wipe. They all have to wipe off the dirt on the tables, chairs and doors. At the end of 2 minutes, the student who will have the dirtiest wipe shall be given a prize. Also, at the end of the game, the teacher should teach children the importance of a clean classroom. This way the classroom shall be keep and at the same time the students will learn to keep their surroundings tidy. Slowly such practises will turn into a habit.

(ii) Germ-Proof Your Tissue Boxes – Usually tissue boxes are the store houses of dirt. To avoid the encounter of students with germs, you can make use of innovative ideas in order to place the tissues. In such a way that students do not have to touch the tissue box.

(iii) Laminate Daily To-Do Lists – Every classroom usually has a to do list which chalks out all the activities that are to take place that day. The teacher must ask the students to make a to do list for each day, get it laminated and paste in on the wall. This will help the students to be more organised.

(iv) Keep Flash Cards Organized With DIY Pockets – The teachers must make use of DIY pockets in order to keep the flash cards for different subjects safe.

(v) Use Tap Lights to Help Manage Noise – Usually the classrooms are noisy. The children like to talk and play games. The teacher can introduce tap lights in the classrooms. When its time for silent reading and noise free classroom, the teacher can tap on that light which is significant of silence. Similarly, a light that is significant of play time, must be put on when it’s time to play.


By: Anuja Arora