Best Geography Books To Refer While Preparing For UPSC

Editorials News | Jul-06-2018

Best Geography Books To Refer While Preparing For UPSC

The UPSC exams are held nationwide for the recruitment to various Civil Services of the Government of India. The exam is conducted in three phases. In the General Studies Paper-1, Geography is a major part. It is an important part in both UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains examination. The section of Geography mainly comprises the questions from the physical, social and Economic Geography of the World. There are some books the can help the students to study Geography for the UPSC Civil Services Exams (CSE).

Geography of India by Majid Hussain is one of the most suggested books for the preparation for the prelims and mains exams of UPSC. This book provides the deep knowledge if the Indian Geography in eloquent language along with the diagrams and updated maps to make the concept clear to the candidates.

World Geography by Majid Hussainprovides in-depth knowledge of about the various countries of the world. The book consists of eighteen chapters that discusses the different geographical regions of the world.

Oxford School Atlas consists the detailed 200 precise maps with 94 thematic maps of India with the help of charts and diagrams. The book mainly focuses on the thematic issues like wildlife, minerals, climate, demography, environmental concerns, etc in a total new way.

Certificate of Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong is a helpful book to deal with the questions of physical geography in a detailed and simple language. The book also contains details on the types of natural vegetation, deserts, climate change and other natural phenomenon.

Physical, Human and Economic Geography for Civil Services Examination by DR Khuller is one of the greatest books written on geography. This book covers the major topics related to the physical, human and economic geography with plenty of maps, diagrams, charts, etc.

By: Divya Thakur