Best Steps Towards Conceptual Learning

Editorials News | Mar-04-2019

Best Steps Towards Conceptual Learning

Teachers play a very important role in our lives. Teachers enhance our knowledge and show us the right path of life. Teachers use various techniques and methods in order to make studies simpler and easy to understand for students. These are as follows:

  1. By making learning accessible: Teachers make learning accessible with the help of activities that help in removal of barriers. Visual and practical experiences help to provide all the students access to immensely rigorous mathematical problem solving irrespective of math or language proficiency.
  2. Learning from mistakes: It is rightly said that “Failures are the best pillars of a student’s life”. One learns best from his/ her mistakes. Failures are extremely productive. They allow students to collaborate and provide feedback to each other in order to unpack incorrect answers. Teachers often ask students to learn at their own pace and experiment while learning. Students attempt, make mistakes and excel in problem solving.
  3. Encouraging creativity: Creativity is an in born talent but it can be acquired also. Teachers allow students to be creative in the best possible ways. They challenge students to find multiple solutions to a problem. They discuss various ways of problem solving and learn through creative ways.
  4. Conceptual understanding: Most of the times students just memorize facts and figures in order to qualify during examinations, but indeed most important is learning the basic concepts. Conceptual understanding helps the students learn that why a particular math formula or procedure works. Teachers must encourage the students to take up such opportunities that help them learn how formulas and procedures work.
  5. Facilitate transference: Teachers must facilitate transference that helps in providing opportunities which further help in applying learned concepts in different situations and contexts. This enables the students to show signs of mastery and change the context of the problem, reverse the question and extend their thinking.

Alongside, there are other numerous resources online as well that allow educators to embrace and implement the guiding principles for increasing rigor in their own classrooms. Indeed effective learning is immensely important for a student if he/she wishes to excel in life.

By: Anuja Arora