Best Ways To Connect Mathematics With Everyday Life

Editorials News | Jan-24-2019

Best Ways To Connect Mathematics With Everyday Life

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects that we study in school. It is also one of the most difficult subjects and children are usually scared of mathematics. The subject of mathematics has usually been all about equations and calculations. Time and again children have complained about the difficulties that they have been facing in studying the subject. Keeping all of that in mind, the teachers have started turning to methods that blends the study of equations and calculations with reference to the real world. Teachers have started making efforts in making the subject more practical. Teachers are trying to connect the subject more with everyday lives. Some of the modern ways used by teachers are:

(i) The Real-World Math Wall: In this process, the students are asked to bring three objects that they use in daily life and that involve calculations. These objects are then placed on the wall and three points of description are also mentioned alongside. In order to perform the activity, students brought medicine droppers, playing cards, dice, cake pans, cookie recipes etc.

(ii) School water audit: Another activity that was given to the students was to perform the school water audit. The students had to measure the amount of water that the school consumes in one day. As part of the activity the students measured the flow of water in taps, urinals, hand showers etc. across the school. They also interviewed the custodians in order to know that how much water they consume in mopping and cleaning purposes.

(iii) Acting Out Restaurant Scenarios – In this process, the students were made to study menu cards of restaurants and analyze the difference in prices of various dishes. Students were taken out on dutch lunches and dinners also.

(iv) Integrating Math Into English and History – Teachers have also integrated maths with English and history. For example: while teaching the students about the historical wars and telling them that 11 million people were killed in this war, the teacher asks the students to predict that how many football fields will be used in order to bury that many people.

(v) Math Recipes – Students are encouraged to cook simple recipes and then double or half the quantity according to the number of people they are serving. This way they learn the art of calculation in the practical world.

(vi) Grocery Store Field Trip – The students are made to visit grocery stores. The students have to buy a list of items in a given amount. They have to make sure that they buy all necessary items. This way they become familiar with budgeting and simple addition and subtraction.

By: Anuja Arora