Bird O Bird - Teach Me to Fly

I love to listen to the music of nature and am sure we all must have had a wonderful experience with nature. Afterall, we all are born from mother nature. When I think of a bright, sunny morning, the first ray of sunshine touching my cheeks, the little birds chirping around me in a playful manner, my heart rejoice with a bounty of happiness and I feel blessed.  

By the way, did you know that birds visiting your backyard or garden is a healthy sign? It signifies that mother nature is happy with you. Ideally, we all want to create a robust place with minimum human intervention that would just be enough to keep us fit and fine. 

Planting varied species of plants attracts diverse genre of birds that keep away harmful insects and pests away from our garden. Think of a visual where a garden is filled with a plenty of vibrantly coloured flowers and lots of greenaries around; and sparrows, mynahs, pigeon, kingfishers,  hummingbirds, cuckoo making a wonderful hullabaloo! Alas! today we can only long for it.

However, environmentalists have been measuring the health of our ecosystem by the presence of birds. Birds also help in dispersal of seeds, pollination, changing seasons and keeping nature clean. 

For me, they connect the mundane with the spiritual life and reminds us to remain ground footed.  They give me the courage to venture into uncertainties and still remain hopeful. I symbolise birds with freedom that can soar high in the sky and be a reminiscent to the humanity of immense possibilities that lay ahead.

By: Subrata Dey



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