Black Panther - A Masterpiece

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies have always gathered applauds across the globe and with this year's release of Black Panther, it has once again acclaimed to prove itself.

Even though in India, the year began with a lot of controversies surrounding Padmavat, but  Black Panther did not disheartened the audiences and still proved to be a beast with incredibly one of the best villains in any superhero movie ever yearning abundance applauds in box office.

Black Panther stands with poise next to the best fare presented by the MCU through creative visuals and appealing action and friendly characters. It's a joy of  a film, a delight to watch and get oneself carried away in the surreal world, a must revisit, with a varied and endearing cast of characters, extravagant visuals, and an absorbing story.

It's a story emanating from African mythology and successfully gives a message for today's generation. Set in a realistic stage with adorable characters adorned in gorgeous and stunning costumes, realistic battles of spears instead of bombs and above all, an engrossing script are the unique attributes by Director/co-writer Ryan Coogler that differentiates the film from its contemporaries. Of course, a terrific car chase sequence is there apart from the epic battles and the characters are deeply committed to their roles which makes the movie an effective tool for audiences of all colours.     

By: Subrata Dey



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