Bosnian Pine Tree is the Oldest Living Tree of Europe

Editorials News | Sep-03-2016

Bosnian Pine Tree is the Oldest Living Tree of Europe

The oldest Bosnian pine tree has been discovered in the highlands of northern Greece of Europe, which has been living there for more than 1,075 years.

The millennial Bosnian Pine tree has been found in the Pindos Mountains near border of Greece with Albania.

Researchers from Swede’s Stockholm University, Germany’s University of Mainz and University of Arizona in the U.S. suggested that the tree has been there since the western civilization.


Scientists took a core of the wood from outside of the center and counted the layers to find out the real age of the tree.

The study showed that the core is about one meter and has 1,075 annual rings.

After considering the respectable age, dendrochronologists have named it ‘Adonis’, after the name of Greece God of beauty and desire.


The researchers have estimated, the millennial Bosnian tree is still a couple of thousand years younger that the oldest living tree in the world,

The existence of trees like this can be helpful to know the history of climatic and environmental situations.

“It is quite remarkable that this large, complex and impressive organism has survived so long in such an inhospitable environment, in a land that has been civilized for over 3,000 years,” Swedish researcher and leader of the expedition, Paul J. Krusic, said in a statement.