Can Glaciers Affect Earth to get Warmer?

Currently, a team of scientists has done a research on the effects of glacial versus non-glacial weathering.The research demonstrates that glaciations, through improved erosion, may increase the rate of carbon dioxide released to the environment.The researchers regulated the enhanced oxidation of pyrite mainly generated through acidity. The scientists stated that the enhanced oxidation fed carbon dioxide into the oceans and changed the carbon cycle.

As per the scientists, pyrite is an iron sulfide also known as fool's gold. The scientists have stated that with the time frame of 10,000 years the oscillation of glaciers could have changed atmospheric carbon dioxide by 25 parts per million or more.Additionally, the result is a major percentage of the 400 parts per million measured in recent months. Present anthropogenic carbon dioxide release is taking place at a much faster rate than it is naturally released by glaciations, stated the researchers.

Mark Torres is the lead author of the research and an assistant professor of Earth, environmental and planetary sciences.The scientists said it was a data driven research based on the mechanics of weathering. The scientists researched the glaciations over millions of years to see how glacial cycles affected the oceans and atmosphere and continue to do so.

By: Priyanka Negi