Cassini Spacecraft Completed Its Mission of Titan

The scientists are preparing for the exploration of the region between the planet and its inner rings with the help of Cassini spacecraft. The scientists have taken this decision after a positive result of their Cassini spacecraft mission which has completed its 13-year mission in Saturn's system.

As per the reports, the Cassini had crossed Saturn’s ring plane for the first time on April- 26, 2017. After a sequence of 22 orbits and close flybys of the rings, the spacecraft will land inside the planet's atmosphere on Sept. 15, stated the scientist. Athena Coustenis, a Cassini co-investigator at the Paris Observatory in France, said that soon they will say goodbye to the remarkable mission.

The scientists have also quoted that during the mission they got an opportunity to explore the interior of Saturn and also the ring measurement. Additionally, the researchers also added that the closing flybys will be a risky moment for the mission.

Source: Hindustan times

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