Cauvery Water is Contaminated Before Entering Tamil Nadu, Says CPCB

Since long, the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are fighting for their rights over the equal share of Cauvery water. Now, it seems that war has taken a leap ahead with the quality being one of the other factors to look out for apart from quantity. TN government had filed a plea in 2015 in the Supreme Court to stop Karnataka from dumping untreated waste into the Cauvery river. The court asked the Central Pollution Control Board to file a report.

The body submitted a report on Friday that included results on the water samples tested from Cauvery and its tributaries Thenpennaiyar and Arkavathi. The samples from the Thenpennaiyar river failed all the parameters that it was tested on. Bacteriological pollution (amount of faecal coliform and coliform) exceeded safe limits. Organic pollution was also quite high in the river and its tributaries. A comprehensive plan of action is strictly required to restore the quality of water in the river. Higher amount of faecal coliform can also be due to open defecation which requires tight control.

No state should be allowed to let polluted water into another state. Tamil Nadu government is set to submit the remarks to the court that will call for stringent action. The Supreme court ordered the Centre on 16th of February for a Cauvery Management Board being set up within 6 weeks so as to make sure that the 2 states are receiving water from the river as directed.


By: Neha Maheshwari



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