CES 2018 Was a Centre Hub For Tech Loyalists

CES is a gathering place for all those in the world who thrive on business of consumer technologies. It is an annual trade show that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. It is one of the world's largest shows to portray the new technology and products in the consumer electronics industry. And this year the show would be no different to portray its tech massiveness. With a huge surge in development of Robotics, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, we can undoubtedly expect to witness cutting edge technology at CES 2018 too.

The first CES was done in 1967 and the upswing of technology to solve our day to day problems has not stopped since then. Technology has especially bowed down to help us build a better future. It has worked on building self driving cars that will help us in eliminating the daily parking struggles. The same would also alleviate hours that we waste in traffic. Security has also been increased with face recognitions and finger recognitions exuding in our smartphones. There are also technologies that would help solve diseases such as common mental illnesses like depression and Parkinson's diseases.  

With time passing, we can expect a lot more out of these CES tech shows seeping into our normal day to day lives.

By: Neha Maheshwari


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