Charles Darwin- The Father Of Evolution

Editorials News | Apr-21-2022

Charles Darwin- The Father Of Evolution

Whenever we talk about the genius of the world, we always miss the name of one brilliant scientist without which Biology is incomplete and he is none other than the famous biologist Charles Robert Darwin who is regarded as the Father Of Evolution. Charles Darwin was a naturalist and geologist who was born on Mount Shrewsbury in England, on 12 February 1809. He inherited His middle name Robert from his father whose name was Robert Darwin who was a doctor and a financier. He attained his basic education at Anglican Shrewsbury School before entering the University of Edinburgh Medical School.

He first presented his discovery in 1827 when he argued that the black spores found on oyster shells were the eggs of a skate leech. He showed profound interest in botany and graduated in 1831. After graduation, Darwin started a journey to various countries on an HMS Beagle that was a Naval survey ship. He started the trip to collect plant and animals specimens from the different countries he would visit. The trip took him 5 years but the journey was worth it for him and the most important time that he spent was on the Galapagos Island which was home to special kinds of rare species of plants and animals that were not found anywhere else in the world. He collected various details about those species and observed special features of the tortoise of the islands. After returning to England, he began to study the specimens which he collected and found differences in finches on the island.

These observations led Darwin to the founding of the theory of Natural Selection but he didn't publish that theory because he knew it would create many controversies. Then in 1859, in his book called On The Origin Of Species, he finally challenged the truth of the creation story in The Bible and his theory is even accepted nowadays wherein theory he explained how population evolve and hence, he was known as the Father Of Evolution.