Charles Darwin’s Theory Revealed by Scientists

The scientists at the University Of East Anglia (UEA), UK, have revealed 51.7 million-year-old genetic secret theory by English naturalist Charles Darwin. The researchers have acknowledged the cluster of genes accountable for reproductive qualities in the Primula flower. The known naturalist Charles Darwin has made the theory over 150 years ago, said the scientists.

As per the renowned naturalist some plant families are with two distinct forms of a flower. In these two species, the male and female reproductive organs were of differing lengths. Moreover, the male and female species had evolved that way to encourage out crossing by insect pollinators.

Charles Darwin presented a unique and pioneering insight into the importance of two formations of flowers identified as 'pins' and 'thrums'. The two forms of flowers are phrased as 'heterostyly', and subsequent studies played an important role in the formation of the foundation of modern genetic theory. 

Source: Hindustan Times

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