Chess Is Everything: Art, Science and Sport

Chess is an indoor game, with two- player strategy board game played on a check board with 64 squares. Its invention is around 1500 years ago in India. The game had few updates in the 1800s. This game involves no hidden information and is played worldwide. Each player has one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns during the beginning of the game.
There are basic rules which are universal. Like king can only move a step forward, backward, horizontal and vertical on the square. Just like that, every other piece has limited and basic moves.
The objective of the game is to give a checkmate to the opponent’s king. King should be tricked in such a way, that while giving checkmate, he does not have a step to escape. When this situation happens in a game then the opponent party who is giving check announced as winner.
An Indian Chess grandmaster Harika Dronavalli, who is just 28 years old has achieved a lot in the indoor game- Chess. Her goal is to become World Champion.
She told the Times of India’s reporter that she had dreamt the world champion and featuring the candidate was a step in that direction. But she wasn’t desperate to be in the candidates since she felt she must improve her ratings much more. She wants to reach a level where she can be serious contender for the world title.
To be mentally and physically fit she did Yoga for some time and then she realized that she needed physically more exercises like running and jumping to get herself going. She further told that yoga is not of her type but practicing it has a lot of benefits.
Her achievements-
She was recently awarded Padma Shree on 26th January 2020 by the Government of India. Earlier she had got many medals and achievement in number of tournaments at National Levels as well as International Levels.

By- Suvarna Gupta

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