Class Sizes Should Not Exceed 20 Students

Editorials News | Oct-31-2020

Class Sizes Should Not Exceed 20 Students

There are various reasons why a class must have a smaller class size while imparting education to students. As a student, which class will you prefer, having 40 students or a class having 15 students? As a teacher, also, which class size will you choose to teach?

Some of the reasons for the smaller class size mentioned below:

Students Cannot Hide: As the class size is very small, no student can hide from answering teachers' questions or sleeping in the class. No concept of backbenchers or frontbenchers will be there.

Teachers can have one-on-one interaction: Due to the small class size, face time with teachers will be increased. Teachers can also interact with students comfortably and do one on one business. Students excel when they get more time with teachers, and no student has a chance to get neglected by the teacher at any cost.

Better Student-Teacher Relationships: Teachers can build better relationships with students when more time is provided to each student in smaller class sizes. A teacher can recognize the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of individual students better and accordingly function.

Identification of Issues: A teacher can identify and address individual student issues related to learning, behavior, development, etc. better when in a small class size of 20 students.

No Chaos and More Engagement: No misbehaviors or nuisance by students are done. Students also cannot ignore teachers and create less chaos in the class. Furthermore, such courses are more engaging, and teachers have time to comprehend lessons better and then impart students as per their learning capabilities.


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