Climate Change Models Proved its Efficiency

Change in the climate affects every individual who survive on earth and birds are not the exceptions. Scientists try to observe the effects of climate changes to the bird populations. They minutely observed the changes in, where UK birds that have been found over last forty years. The observation approved the efficiency of the newly developed climate change models that is being used to predict the impacts of climate change on not only birds but also on other animals.

Continuous efforts have been done to estimate the effect of climate change on different range of species and to understand the reason of their extinctions. With the new model a more accurate scene can be gotten to the loss of biodiversity from climate change. These findings have given a new way to bird conservation in the UK and other countries. Now it has become easy to do conservation management more efficiently.

Today, global warming and other natural phenomenon have brought so many birds and animals towards extinction point. In this situation the climate change models can be a ray of hope of taking care of the reasons and combating with the difficulties that come in the way of Biodiversity Conservation. It is being hoped that the new climate change model will help in protecting the various rare species of birds and animals.


By- Anita Aishvarya





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