Conservation of the Rainforests

With the problem of global warming on a continuous increase, the nations are now looking towards the rain forests to provide them a solution to this environmental issue. These rain forests are located near the equatorial belt and have more than 250 billion tons of carbon. This makes it important to save these forests.

The question arises that if this carbon focused conservation actually saves these forests?

Research states that forests that have more variety of trees store more carbon. But this theory of tree diversity has not yet been completely explored. But the results of South American, Southeast Asian and African forest varied and contradicted the researcher’s findings.

This observation brought forward the statement that the current strategies of conservations may be aimed at the wrong areas. Protecting a specific area of the forest may be driving the threat to another place. The scientists suggested methods to assess the conservation value in a more comprehensive way.

The need of the hour is to start considering forests as a nation’s property and look out for fine- tuned approach for selecting and specifying areas for conservation.



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