Cultivating 21st-century Skills in Students

Editorials News | May-22-2024

Cultivating 21st-century Skills in Students

Education is a very crucial part of our daily life. Technologies are getting advanced day by day, with many of them having good benefits. These technologies should be implemented in schools to foster a beneficial education for the youth. The traditional ways such as rote learning and memorization are no longer sufficient in today’s world. Instead, learning methods such as visual learning, creativity, and critical learning are now coming their way. These skills must be promoted to students to make them prepared for the changing world.

1. Critical thinking and Problem-Solving

Critical thinking in simple terms is to think out of the box. Now, that doesn’t mean to be unique, that means that it should be a strategic thought and a thoughtful critique. It also means that it would be able to solve a problem without any other minor issues. As we know, there are debates everywhere, from office to school and even at our sweet homes. Students at this age should be able to think independently and good solutions. That’s why, the schools are bringing up activities such as PBL (Problem-based learning) to help students apply their knowledge and think critically to find solutions.

2. Creativity and Innovation

Students must get opportunities to express their ideas, as they are the ones who are going to advance our economic growth as grown-ups. In the traditional teaching period, people weren’t given any chance to express themselves in the form of art, which resulted in many people giving up on themselves. Now, that the system is changing itself, many competitions are coming up to sharpen their imaginative skills. This also means how is arts education important, it helps students express themselves and explore different creative mediums. Additionally, to help the youth develop resilience and innovative thinking, mistakes should be seen as opportunities, developing their growth mindset as well.

3. Collaboration and Communication

No matter what place we go, communication will follow along. If you want to be successful in life, collaboration, and communication will help you a lot. It’s like, for a luxurious life, knowledge and communication go hand in hand. Collaboration and communication skills improve your professional skills, increasing the chances of getting job opportunities. To foster collaboration among students, group projects are being held, to teach students how to cooperate and resolve conflicts. Effective communication can be developed through presentations, debates, MUNs, etc. This helps students to speak their ideas confidently which would help them in a bright future ahead.

4. Digital Literacy

As technology is making its way, it is time that we use technology in education as well. Students can use free online sources such as quizzes, video lessons, worksheets, extra questions, etc. to understand their concepts easily. Since the years of COVID-19 and after, online sources have made their way and helped many students across the globe. The school is also integrating technology by coding classes, research projects, online classes, and much more. To add on, teaching students about online safety, privacy, and ethical behavior is very important to ensure that they use technology safely.

Lastly, the education system needs to change its system using modern skills for the changing world. These skills would help the youth to lead our developing country. Let’s start today for a better tomorrow.

By : Adya Srivastava
Lotus Valley International School

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