Destructive Development

Editorials News | Apr-17-2021

Destructive Development

Humans are one-of-a-kind species, who have accomplished immense growth and success in a very short number of years. But is it safe to say that this success comes with a great price and is short-lived?

Since the beginning of time, human beings have managed to eliminate all the problems holding them back by introducing new inventions time and again. And we continue to do so. From a mission of settling a colony on Mars to achieving the dream of electric cars, little by little every day, they are moving closer and closer to the future. But if there’s one thing that needs some attending, it is the fact that all the new technology and inventions have taken a huge toll on the mental health of humans. This is among the many dreadful aspects of the growing world.

They now live in a world where anyone can access another person’s deepest, most private data with a click of the button. Sharing every small event of their lives with many others through social media has now become a habit. They are influenced by the bling that is delivered to us through these platforms. They are summoned into believing that the life they have is not good enough.

For a normal person, the kind of life lived by a celebrity is far-fetched. But the urge to experience the same lavish lifestyle captures the mind of the person and makes that person extremely unsatisfied with the perfectly great life they had.

The ideologies of today’s average youth are greatly manipulated by the internet. What’s trending is considered more important than what the actual truth might be. And the kind of social intolerance that has been created is unmatched. Relationships that were cherished in earlier times are now considered a burden that you have to drag along. Humans have forced themselves to believe that such relationships are not worth anything, the only relationships that matter is those formed through the internet.

The internet is a marvelous invention for a lot of undeniable reasons. But a famous saying goes that “extreme of anything is dangerous”, which is exactly what we are at the brink of. Humans are on the brink of touching that extreme, and once that happens, it will cause a kind of situation to arise that no invention will be able to control.

By- Simran Raghav