Discover about the Pandyas of the Sangam Age

Discover about the Pandyas of the Sangam Age

The Pandyas of the Sangam Age were one of the magnanimous dynasties. It played a crucial role in determining the social, political, and religious structure of society. The various sources of the Sangam Age also talk about them. Some of the sources of Sangam Age are Sangam Literature, the Greek authors that include Megasthenes, Pliny who mentioned the trade contacts between South India and West, Ashokan edicts mention about Tamil kingdoms and also Adhichanallur excavations that were brought to the surface mentions about the life of Sangam Age. Let’s learn more about the Pandyas below:

• The Pandyas ruled over the southern region of the modern-day Tamil Nadu.
• The capital of Padyas was Madurai.
• Their emblem used to be the “carp”.
• It was believed as per the mythology that the curse of Kannagi who was the wife of Kovalan burnt and destroyed the Madurai city.
• Their main ruler was King Neduncheliyan who was also known as Aryappadai Kadantha Neduncheliyan.
• Their important seaports were Kaveri, Korkai, and Muziris (Muchiri).
• Maduraikkanji written by Mangudi Mathuranar mentions the socio-economic conditions of the Korkai seaport.
• It is found that the legendary Sangams were conducted in Madurai under the patronage of the Pandyas.
• Some of the Pandya rulers state to be poets themselves.
• The country of Pandyas used to be home to various temples that also includes the popular Meenakshi Temple of Madurai.
• It is also known that the rulers of this dynasty followed Jainism as their religion for a very short period of time in history.

By: Kiara Sharma

School Name: Mahaveer Public School

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