Dust in Environment: A Growing Issue

We do not give it much thought but ‘Dust’ is something that is present at every step that we take. It only gets our attention when it starts to coat at all places. This dust not only becomes a nuisance for us at home but has also been causing issues to the environment as well.

The destruction of the monuments is a result of dust and harmful elements present in it. Taj Mahal being a live example has been adversely affected by the dust from the factories around it. This dust is highly contaminated, which changed the colour and degrades the quality of the monument.

The present of a large amount of dust in the air also causes a lot of pollution. This results in a decreased visibility level in the urban areas and leads to accidents. These polluted dust particles also have an adverse impact on the agriculture. The fertility of the soil is reduced, thus leading to a low cultivable land ratio.

In a long run, this can lead to a massive food crisis and may permanently pollute the environment.

Content: http://www.careerride.com/view/effects-of-construction-dust-on-humans-and-environment-21361.aspx

Image: https://gwd.org.za/content/war-climate-terror-ii-fleeing-disasters-escaping-drought-migrating

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