Earthworms are Successfully Grown on Mars

Scientists have succeeded in growing earthworms on the Mars to check the future and life possibility on that planet. This research is being done at Wageningen University and research centre in the Netherlands.

Only 2 earthworms have been grown there and they are the first offspring on the Mars. The soil of Mars was tested by scientists to check whether the soil can keep people alive by growing their crops on the Mars soil. Researchers said that if we are planning human life on Mars then it should be confirmed that agricultural can take place there. So, worms play an important role in this because they break down and recycle dead organic matter. Researchers have observed that Rucola plant is growing on the Mars soil. Worms are really playing an important role on the earth and outer space too. Worms are going to the moon too, for the indoor garden in future. Worms are the first experimental things in outer space because they get on dead organic matter like old plant remains, which they eat and chew and mix with soil. They dig burrows which freshen and improve the structure of the soil. So, if the life is going to be possible on Mars then it’s going to be because of worms only.

By: Srishti Sharma

Content: Hindustan Times

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