Effects Of Volcanic Action On Land Fertility

Editorials News | May-29-2022

Effects Of Volcanic Action On Land Fertility

Volcanic eruptions can be dangerously destructive to our environment and land fertility. There are a few effects of volcanic actions on land fertility:

(1) Lahar: When a volcano erupts the explosion can cause a mudslide called a Lahar. Molten rocks from inside the volcano combines with ash, rocks, and metal ice. This mixture of solid and liquid is like cement. It flows down like a wave down the side of the volcano then solidified when it stops moving.

(2) Tsunami: Underwater eruptions can cause colossal ocean waves called Tsunamis. These waves travel at a speed of up to 500 miles per hour and can cross the entire ocean in less than a day. When they approach the coastline they slow down but this can cause them to grow several meters stall. The impact and destroy coastal towns and sleep away whole beaches.

(3) Ash: When magma erupts out of the volcano the gases inside it expand this causes the cooling rocks to shatter into tiny pieces these sharp small fragments of rock and volcanic glass are known as ash. They are so small that they can be easily inhaled which can cause lung damage. A thick layer of fallen ash destroys the power line and causes the weak building to collapse.

(4) Volcanic Bombs: Volcanic Bombs are chance of lava that is ejected at a high speed from an erupting volcano. They cool in the air and become solid rock. Some volcanic bombs are 5 to 6 m wide but even smaller bombs can cause injury or even death if someone is in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

(5) Pyroclastic Flow: The most deadly effect of all is the Pyroclastic Flow. This is a furiously hot mixture of gas and tephra volcanic material which hurtles away from the volcano at speed of up to 430 miles per hour. It can cover a distance of several miles instantly destroying everything.
All these are some effects of volcanic actions on land fertility.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School