Experiencing Aurora Australis

Passengers of the first commercial flight to witness the Aurora Australis were left awestruck after the experience. The 8 hours flight took off from South Island and landed in New Zealand. The flight carrying 130 passengers flew up to the latitude of 62 degrees to give the people the view of the aurora.

The Aurora Australis is a phenomenon in which there is an explosion of magnetic field and plasma from the sun’s corona. This lightens up the entire sky in bright shades of purple and green. The passengers of the flight were seen saying that the experience was an incredible one and were grateful that they had been a part of it. The tickets of the flight were price at a rate of $4000 for economy and $8000 for business class.

Given the popularity of the event and the personal interests and experience of people, the company is planning another such event. Be prepared to witness one of the greatest phenomenons the coming year.

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