Family Link, the App for Your Child

With the world becoming more digitalized keeping your child away from screens is becoming tough. Google brings to you a solution for this problem. Family Link, the new app by Google allows you to manage your child’s activity on the web. It lets you create a Google account of your child and set certain digital rules to keep an eye on the screen time and manage your child’s bedtime.

Family Link, works in such way that gives you control over what apps your child downloads and which websites he can access. You can check your child’s screen time on a monthly, weekly basis and set screen time limits accordingly. To tackle the problem of children using phones late at night, Google has given you the option of setting a bedtime for your child. The specific option will block the child’s device when it is his time to sleep.

Even though the app allows you to manage your child’s web use, but it does not convert the already existing websites for adult to child friendly. It is the parent’s responsibility to make the choice of what is right and appropriate for their child.



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