Food & Culture

Editorials News | May-04-2021

Food & Culture

Food is an essential part of every living being. Every living being life on the earth needs food because, without food, no one can survive whether they are person or animal they all depend on food. Food is anything that is consumed by anyone which provides nutritional support for an organism. Food is usually made of plant, animal, or fungal origin essential nutrients such as nutrients, protein, and fiber. Food that is consumed by any living being provides energy to the body or they maintain growth and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are different types of species that consume different foods, some species that consume only plants and plant-based food are the species know as Herbivores species, the other species is the one that consumes both plants-based food and the food which is made from animals they are known as an omnivore. Food is the source of energy that provides a different kind of protein, nutrients, carbohydrates, and fibers. There are plants which have fibers fruit like banana, apple with skin and peer, on the other side there are fruits which helps in increasing water level in our body like watermelon.

They can survive on both plants and animal-based food. The history of food is evolved from day to day, firstly the basic living of humans are basically of two types: by hunting and gathering or agricultural. From day to day the agriculture technique is increasing and humans get to know about the new technologies regarding the agricultural which helps them in growing various plants. As they get to use new technology their eating lifestyle is also changed and their diet also changed and they started taking various protein and nutrition from the plants also. With having a vast geographic and different kind of culture we have a different kind of cuisine and food, different types of herbs, species, and techniques of making them. In a country like India where we have a big culture and different types of people with different traditions, they have a variety of foods and cuisine, like people of north India like spicy food like Chole beaut here, people of south India love to have simple and light food like dosa, Idli and rice dish. Rajasthan people love to have to Dal baati churma, gatte ke sabzi, Rajasthani people love to have spicy food. Many foods are restricted in every religion or have a special food like beef is restricted in Hinduism, halal food is for Islam. It is ok for having so many tastes and spicy food for eating but eating them on regular basis will have a bad impact on health. For a healthy lifestyle, we must have to follow a healthy diet or healthy eating.

By: Renu