Food Wastage Starts From Your Own Refrigerators

In United States of America, approximately 40 per cent of food produced goes as waste. Experts and Food service industry have been working on how to reduce waste. It has been found that majority of food which goes into landfill comes out from our homes.

There is a probability that the vegetables inside your fridge will become a waste instead of getting cooked and served. Ruth Litchfield who is a professor of food science and human nutrition at Iowa State University said that we waste about 20 pounds of food per month per person. Litchfield explained it more vividly by saying that our habits feed our tendency to waste.

According to a 2012 Business for Social Responsibility study on food waste, it has been found that 44 per cent of food that goes into landfills comes out from our homes and 33 per cent of food comes out from food service industry.



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