Gaming Skills and Intelligence Are Linked With Each Other

A new study found that there is a connection between the young’s people ability to perform well at two recognized video games and high levels of intelligence. The study was performed by the researchers at the University of York.

The studies were carried out at the Digital Creativity Labs (DC Labs) at University of York. The researchers found that some action strategy video games can act like IQ tests. The findings of the researchers got published in the journal PLOS ONE. The studies have no bearing on problems of research such as playing computer games can make young people smart or not. This study mainly establishes a correlation between skill at some online games of strategy and intelligence. ‘Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas’ (MOBAs), known as action strategy games that involves two opposing teams of five individuals and also multiplayer ‘First Person Shooter’ games were the main focus area of researchers.

By: Bhavna Sharma





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