Glistening Sunshine

I remember,

In this sleepless nights 

And uncountable hurt's blight,

I laid my head in the hope of other sunshine.


I remember how I would cry whole night,

Covering my mouth 

But after a while,

Wiping my own tears into the silence,

Knowing about the fact there is always another glistening sunshine.


I sit this dawn, remembering 

For all, I used to know 

A naughts reminds me of my soul

A happy long ago.

I remember that painful memory,

Where often does thy voice,

Screaming in my head,

And it shall bid me not to rejoice.


I knew I have healed myself.

Forgetting the neglected cares, and the people left behind. 

Because I have always sought for the sun even from former years,

And that's why I still wait for another glistening sunshine.


By: Sushmita Jha 

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