Global Warming & Current Scenario

Editorials News | Mar-25-2021

Global Warming & Current Scenario

Global Warming indicates that the temperature of the earth’s surface rising rapidly and it is all caused due to human activities. Gases like Carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases are pumped into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned.

Earth is facing many major problems due to global warming. Global warming directly impacts the rise in sea level, melting ice rock, glacier, and unpredictable climate change. Human activities like industrialization, transportation, deforestation, mining, etc have resulted in the release of harmful gases which gradually caused global warming.

The consequences of global warming are faced by every life form on earth. Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, tsunami, etc are being caused due to global warming. Many life forms all already succumbed to these disasters, and it is estimated to affect many more. Additional factors like the Burning of fossil fuels, the use of fertilizers, the increase in other gases such as CFCs, tropospheric ozone, and nitrous oxide also contributed to Global Warming.

The agricultural sector has also taken a hit due to global warming. Drought, difficult weather conditions, increased pests, and the lack of arable land can result in a shortage of crops all over the world. This can raise havoc among the people as the shortage of food supplies will result in a panic worldwide.

The amount of carbon dioxide CO2 and sulfur dioxide SO2 has increased tenfold in recent years. Many natural and industrial activities, including photosynthesis and oxidation, all contribute to the increased amount of carbon dioxide. The government agencies, business heads, private sector, NGOs, etc have implemented many programs to control and reduce global warming.

As the citizens of India, it's our responsibility to reduce pollution and make our environment safe for future generations. We should follow some measures that would have a good impact on the environment. Using limited water, causing less pollution, recycling can all have a dramatic change in the environment. Each and everyone should try their best to reduce the effects of global warming. We should reduce greenhouse gas emissions and try to adopt some climate-friendly habits as a part of our daily lives.

By- Simran Raghav