Goggle Invented to Help Visually Impaired People

A high school student from Arunachal Pradesh invents goggles with ultrasound and infrared sensors. This could be a major leap in the field of technology. These goggles will be an aid to the visually impaired people all over the world.

The gadget, named as Goggle for Blind, is said to have the ability to sense obstacles on all sides within a range of two metres. The gadget uses the principle of echolocation, which is also used by bats at night. It has two ultrasound sensors on the left and right to detect the presence of any obstacle. It also has an infrared sensor in the middle of the gadget, in case of failure of the other two sensors.

On the detection of an obstacle, the person hears a beep sound through the audio inputs and also feels a vibration that alerts him. Giving the invention encouragement, the government has pledged financial support for further development of the gadget.

Content: http://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/arunachal-schoolboy-invents-unique-goggles-with-ultrasound-sensors-to-help-blind-people-273670.html

Image: www.indiatimes.com

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