Goodness of Practicing Acupressure

Acupressure is defined as a form of healing where the person practicing it uses mild pressure from the fingers on specific points of the body.

The points where pressure is applied are known as healing points. Acupressure is linked to the areas in the body where energy blockages are experienced. The basic key to a sound and healthy body is energy flow throughout the body and mind. All the acupressure practitioners say that when the energy flows well around your body, your body experiences better health and the mind naturally feels relaxed. It is known that energy blockages are the main reason behind poor health. Acupressure releases tension, helps in boosting one’s immune system, reduces pain and increases circulation. Thus, it creates more vitality and vibrant health all the time. The pressure applied by the fingers has to be either firm or gentle. The areas of the pressure points are linked to those that are stimulated in acupuncture. Needles are not needed in the acupressure. Below listed are some of the health benefits of practicing acupressure:

a) Pain Relief: When your body hurts or you experience some kind of body ache, then there is always some sort of pressure point elsewhere on the body which is related to the ache part. Thus, when the pressure point is massaged then it releases the blockages and helps to relieve pain.

b) Wrinkles are reduced: If ones practices acupressure, then muscles are toned and more blood circulation is experienced across the face. More oxygen is supplied to the face through the increased blood flow. Thus, it helps to increase the tone of the skin and connective tissue also regains strength.

c) Depression and Anxiety are reduced: Acupressure also relives symptoms of anxiety and depression. Thus, it helps the mind to calm down and experience the feeling of well – being.

By: Bhavna Sharma





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