Happy New Year Games for All the Children

Make your children play these games during New Year’s Eve Party. These games are really fun to play and are quite entertaining as well. These games are listed below:

  • Find the Clock: Just hide an alarm clock somewhere in the room. Set an alarm of after ten minutes. Then, challenge your children to find it before it rings.
  • New Year’s Charades: Split all the children into two teams to play a game of New Year’s Charades. Fill a party bucket with notes containing New Year’s prompts for children, so that they can act out to their teammates. The bucket fillers can be New Year’s Eve, Noisemaker, Ball drop, Countdown, Party dress, Resolutions, etc.
  • New Year’s Eve Karaoke: For children, plug in the karaoke machine, just turn up the volume and let them “sing” in the New Year. Parents can also set up a playlist of songs with a New Year’s theme, or songs that have lyrics about things related to New Year’s Eve.
  • Guess the Resolution: Children have to write down a New Year’s resolution after they reach the party. Keep all those chits into a hat and then pull them out, one at a time, and then read them aloud. Guests have to guess who wrote what.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: https://www.thespruce.com/kids-new-years-eve-party-games-2104580



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