Highly Stretchable Touchpad Created By Scientists

Scientists have given a new shape to the gaming system. Now gaming can be enjoyed with the help of a stretchable device. As per the scientists this device can be wore on the wrist like a wrist band. This new and innovative idea was generated first by the team of scientists including Chong-Chan Kim.

The users will get a mix of various application in the devise said the scientists. According to the developers, the invention took place while considering several problems faced by game lovers.

While various types of conductors such as carbon nano-tubes and metal nano wires have been explored for stretchy touch pads, they are all based on hard materials.

To help solve this problem, Chong-Chan Kim and colleagues developed a touchpad made of hydrogel, a network of hydrophilic polymers that are soft and very stretchable.

The scientists added that they used a polyacrylamide hydrogel containing lithium chloride salts that act as a conductor and help retain water in the hydrogel.

Content: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/08/160811143224.htm


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