How Did Malls Emerge?

Editorials News | Mar-24-2021

How Did Malls Emerge?

Indian markets had a different identity for centuries, but by the present time, their form has completely changed. At one time there were small markets in our country which were known as Haat Bazaar or Weekly Markets. Village, city, or town. Our daily life was related to Kirana's shop. As a child, we used to go to the shop with our mother or elder sister to bring necessary household items. But the shape of today’s market has completely changed. Now shopping malls are being built at the locations of hot markets. Their numbers are constantly increasing in big cities. The mall now fulfills all the requirements of our daily life. Today, leaving the villages, the number of retail shopkeepers in the organized and unorganized form in the cities is continuously decreasing.

Now in the mall culture where the nature of the market has been reduced, this new culture has given rise to a market system giving buyers a new experience. In which the view of grouping is not only visible, as well as reliability and entertainment are also fulfilled. All kinds of goods can be purchased under one roof of these big shopping malls of cities. Earlier, when the purchase of clothes, electronics, shoes, household items, etc. had to be done, the whole market had to go round, but now all these items are available in the same mall in an environment providing a new experience.

In other words, we can also call the mall a garland of goods, where everything from the kitchen to the film is made. The native psyche is trying to adapt itself according to this new form of western style. The dishes that are not prepared at home are available in moles restaurant. The innocent man is trying to get into this culture of the West, but his challenges are also immense. In the shopping mall restaurant, the delicious dish even if it is not healthy for the stomach, reputation is created. The items written in the menu are probably never heard before in life, only they try their artwork, the waiter is just talking about what will be found in such items and how many people will be able to feed.

Our market culture is rare in the world. Whatever be the fashion, grocery or vegetable, take the price and potatoes, take onions, without the sound of five forts for 50 rupees, the heart is not happy that the markets have come. Well, all this cannot be found in shopping malls, neither there will be anyone arguing with us or guide will be given about the messing of the dress, there will be only items and they will be fitted with price stickers. Fill the bag as you wish and swipe the case or card in the payment window

By: Akshit Sharma