How the Climate-Changes Affect Mixed Outcomes for Plants and Animals

Scientists have dug out new facts about the possible changes that are likely to happened plants and animals by the end of the century. Recently researchers have come up with a new study and discovered that more than three quarters of plants and animals in England are going to be significantly affected by warmer climate. 

Do you know that by the 2080s, 54% of 3000 species in England could significantly expand their populations into different areas of the country, where climate suitability is increasing? Yes! This is true, because, scientists have demonstrated that with a 2°C increases in average global temperature the population of various species will touch the great number however if they are able to get to those locations.

It will also amaze you that, the researchers found that 27% species may not find suitable climate in a substantial proportion of the sites they currently occupy. The research, conducted by the team of researchers, happened at the Universities of York, Reading, and the British Trust for Ornithology, and Natural England.

 By: Priyanka Negi




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