I Don't Seek Revenge, I Do What I Know: Allaudin Khilji!

History has defined Allaudin Khilji as the successful emperor of the Khilji Dynasty who ruled for years but he was also known for his cruel and weird facts that are not revealed in many reads.
Allaudin Khilji was mesmerized by the appearance and features of Malik Kafur, he bought him from the slave market "Bacha Bazaar". He introduced him to be one of his loyal officers. Though there is no accurate evidence about the relationship but according to few historians this fact is mentioned. He conquered Chittoor to rule over Padmavati the queen of Chittor. Conquering Chittor he arrested more than 6500 women including Rani Padmavati, later she adapted to Jauhar instead of surrendering herself to Allaudin Khilji.
The desire for sex was so extreme that his harem, found in Muslim community reached to the amount of 28,000 or more widow of the men he killed to get the entire right on the women. 70,000 or more men, women and children that was something unimaginable for any normal emperor. "Sikander-i-Sani" was the title taken by him. He was a all time conqueror who travelled around to rule over various places. The desire to conquer Ranthambore from Rajputs has lead to the scarcity of food and water, though they were able to conquer it at the end through a strong battle.
He ruled for a long period where Alauddin's death was conspired by injecting harmful liquid into his veins that made him ill and finally suffered from edema. He died of edema. His tomb is present at Qutb complex, Mehrauli. Alauddin Khalji had a blind trust on Malik Kafur and was madly attracted to him, Khalji's right hand. Malik Kafur was always with him to conquer the places though he wanted the dynasty to rule by himself.
He had in building or constructing structures confined to architecture and art and so he started Alai Minar, said to be proposed as double storied similar to Qutub Mina but died before it completed ended to single storied. These are Allaudin Khilji facts. History of India has great warriors and conquerors among which Alauddin Khalji is defined as the second great conqueror that had a huge dynasty from ruling 1296-1316 over the Delhi sultanate.

By: Saksham Gupta

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