Idea of Dolphin’s Conservation Lies in Their Diet Pattern

Dolphins are very interesting animal of water.  Their species are in danger due to global warming and other pollutants. The researchers have found that up to 33,000 calories a day is required by a dolphin that is about sixty portions of salmon.

When it is compared to the Olympic swimmers it is seen that during training they hardly burn 12,000 calories a day. A further study reveals that just for survival a common bottlenose dolphin needs 10 to 25 kilograms of fish every day. The researchers found that a 200 kg dolphin would burn between 16,500 and 33,000 calories a day, which is lower than expected. The metabolic rate of whales and dolphins is being studied for conserving them. Further the research also suggests that a dolphin’s state of mind and health is also a deciding factor of its diet. Therefore, the amount of energy they require depends on whether the animal is resting, sleeping, diving or swimming. At the same time the temperature of the ocean also have an impact on their diet. The most important source of energy of the heavy animals like whales and dolphins, is proper and regular diet. The amount of diet and energy requirements of those animals will help in paving the way for their conservation in an effective manner. Other health issues like the lung function, respiratory health and other physical activities will also be monitored so that researches may make their survival easier. 

By: Anita Aishvarya




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