Illegal Activities Threaten Natural ‘World Heritage’

The International union for conservation of nature (IUCN) has listed some of the world’s most precious and unique ecosystems at risk this year. Statistics reveal that illegal fishing, logging and poaching are directly impacting around 2/3rd of the 57 natural World Heritage sites. The World Heritage committee has raised concerns over illegal activities impacting the unique biodiversity of Madagascar’s Rainforests and other primeval forests located in Poland and Belarus.

It is indeed an issue of great concern as the planet’s most unique and valuable places are under threat and if destroyed, they will be lost forever. The very reason behind listing these forests under World Heritage status is to ensure them the highest level of protection. But illegal and unsustainable activities still continue to prevail which can be eradicated only through effective and strong international cooperation.  Apparently, the immediate action taken by IUCN in Thailand has resulted in a decrease in illegal logging of Siamese rosewood.   



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